“Always on” dashboards can be displayed on all types of screens: wallboard, TVs, laptops, tablets, and smartphones

Productivity gains and alignment recoup your investment in the first month of use.

With the power to create 300+ blended metrics, you can create insights that are unique to your business.

A Reporting and BI dashboard software that accelerates your growth by up to 126%.

Understand Your Business Like Never Before

Your business is important. With real-time reports, you can easily visualize performance and understand where improvements can be made.

  • Companies using analytics have 126% profit improvement.
  • Actively using data can have 50% higher revenue growth.
  • Analytic solutions return a 13:1 average ROI.
  • With an automated dashboard, you can save time and money.

Affordably Priced

Available A-la-Carte or Complimentary With All Marketing Month-Month Packages

A-la-Carte Basic Dashboard

1 Dashboard – Up to 9 Metrics

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A-la-Carte Premium Dashboard

2 Rotating Dashboards – Up to 50 Metrics

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