Keeping Your Business Organized in the Digital Age

Are you and your employees getting lost in a flurry of emails, phone calls, memos, and sticky notes? Are important details being forgotten and crucial deadlines being missed? When it comes to managing a business, dropping the ball isn’t an option in an instantaneous world. If your business doesn’t deliver, someone else’s will. So how do you maximize your business’ potential and accomplish great results every time? It all comes down to how organized your company is in its daily routine.

Using effective organization in your business is a small change that yields incredible results. When you create a simple process for your team, this leads to more efficient teamwork as everyone knows their role and part to play. With this improved teamwork, you can experience the increased productivity that comes with a more focused and motivated staff. Managing a business in the digital age means that you can’t use old methods to stay organized. Luckily, there are digital solutions to help you and your staff stay on task and in the loop! Project management software is an online method of assigning tasks, staying on schedule,  sharing information, tracking projects, and more. Check out three popular project management software options – Basecamp, Asana, and Trello – and find out which system is best for you and your company.


Basecamp is the oldest version of these three examples of project management software. Released in 2004, Basecamp is a veteran in providing solutions for keeping small and large businesses on track through to-do lists and discussion boards. Capitalizing on its simple design and straightforward user functionality. It’s been around so long for a reason. If you’re looking for a basic improvement to your organization, this is a good place to start. Basecamp also features a free 30-day trial so you can test before you buy!


Where Basecamp lacks options, Asana delivers them in abundance. Released in 2008, Asana took what Basecamp was doing and put their own unique spin on it. Asana’s platform is more in-depth, giving you elite options like highlighting, sharing notes, checking out progress reports and other fun features. If you enjoy customizing your experience, Asana is a better choice for you! Asana is also free up to 15 members, so if you’re a small business, you could enjoy all the benefits at no cost.


Trello is the latest of these three options, as it was released in 2011. Going back to a simpler setup, like Basecamp, Trello still keeps some of the visually appealing components similar to Asana. Trello is easy to use and acts as a virtual bulletin board – perfect for delegating tasks and creating effective to-do lists. What makes Trello especially attractive is its freemium version that has no limit on members.

Being a modern entrepreneur, you must be flexible, open to change, and willing to learn new skills at a fast pace; these organizational tools can help you do just that. No matter what project management software you use, the most important part is finding an organizational system that works for you and your business. With each example offering free options, give them all a try and see which platform engages your employees and promotes the greatest change in their teamwork and overall productivity!

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