The CrunchCup

No Spoon. No Bowl. It’s cereal on the go.

The CrunchCup allows you to enjoy your cereal anywhere, whether you’re sitting on the couch, driving in your car, at your computer desk or on the move. Now you can ditch the spoon and bowl, take the cereal to go.

Our team has been integral in creating, launching, and promoting The CrunchCup since it’s conception. Everything from product prototyping, manufacturing, branding, package design, crowdfunding launch, and management, eCommerce website development using a custom Shopify theme to social media marketing and content development has been managed by Modern Alchemy.

We remain strategic marketing and sales partners with The CrunchCup team through digital advertising, wholesaling opportunities, sales distribution, and influencer marketing.

The CrunchCup
Shopify Store Development, Videography, Photography, Crowdfunding Management, Content Development, PPC Advertising, PR
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