Google, Bing, and Yahoo

Search Engine Advertising

Search engine results can be targeted to customers based off the keywords used, their browser history, and more.  Ads can be priced based off of impressions or clicks, and our team can figure out what is best for you.  We have years of experience working with large corporations and know what is needed to get your advertisement in front of the most people possible for your budget.

Facebook and Instagram
Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn and more

Social Media Advertising

Modern Alchemy can help to determine the best market for your product or service.  This can be based on their profession, interests, past purchases, and even off their recent posts.

Social Media

We can advertise your company or product on Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, and anywhere else that makes sense for your audience.  These can be extremely targeted based off of people’s job title, interests, past purchases, and much more.

Search Engines

Classic search engine advertisements still provide a great return on your investment when set up properly.  Our team has worked with large corporations and have the experience needed to get your advertisement in front of the most eyes possible for your budget.


We track those who visit your site and didn’t purchase and can then send them targeted ads as they browse elsewhere on the internet.  Don’t miss out on another potential client.

Analytics Reporting

We provide you access to analytics reporting for your online advertisements.  You can see exactly how many people are visiting your site for the amount spent, along with how long they stayed and if they decided to purchase your product or service.

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