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Initial Creation

We can not only manage and grow your following, we can create just about any social media channel that you or your business needs.

Frequent Posts

We can post to all of your social media channels in whatever frequency you would like.  These are unique posts tailored just for your company.

Follower Growth

Along with our management of posts, we can use unique methods in order to make sure your social media followers are always growing.

Content Scheduling

Personalized Calendar

All of your posts, in one place.  We can schedule, or give you access to our easy to use dashboard in order to plan your social media posts in advanced.  Everything you need in one refreshingly clear and easy to use calendar that allows editing and paid amplification.

Social Engagement

Make your workday easier

Your customized inbox is all about social engagement efficiency and the best overview possible.  Talk with all of your followers and grow your potential client list by managing all inbound social messages and comments in one area.

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Whether you want to control your own social media management with a simple to use dashboard, or you require an experienced team to create your content, Modern Alchemy can help.

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