How to Grow and Leverage your Kickstarter Campaign

Having a successfully funded Kickstarter campaign is not just about having a good product.  You can have the perfect solution to solve a serious problem, but if you do not properly leverage your campaign, your crowdfunding efforts may go to waste.

Everything explained below will be looked at in further detail in future articles, but this can be used as a general outline of good practices when growing your Kickstarter campaign.


One of the most crucial factors is to have proper preparation before launching.  If you just post your campaign without anyone knowing about it, it will likely get lost, and you will miss out on some of the best opportunities for rapid growth.

First, you will definitely need to set up your website and email list.  Your website should clearly explain what your product does, and you should embed all videos that you have made in the proper sections.  Advertise your product will be launching soon and to subscribe to be one of the first people to try it out.  Go over to Mail Chimp, or a similar email subscription website, and set yourself up to send out email blast updates to those who subscribe.

One of the best ways to grow your email list is to offer something for free.  If your product allows for it, it is great to have a contest where a few lucky individuals will win your product if they subscribe.  As you will see later on, it would also be smart to be past the prototype phase when you launch, so you are able to give away roughly a dozen of your products for promotional purposes.

You can set up a subscription pop up on your website with services such as HubSpot, which will collect all of your emails for you.  This email list you grow from the giveaway are of very targeted people that are most likely to purchase your product when your crowdfunding campaign begins.

You will also definitely want to have all of your social media accounts set up. Instagram and Facebook are extremely important in growing your fan base so that they are kept up to date on when you will launch, and Twitter is essential in getting a hold of media contacts.  Through specific methods we will explain in other articles, you can grow this following to a few thousand people before you even start your campaign.

Make sure to design images that promote your giveaway and post them to your social media accounts, so that you can have as many entries as possible. Using services such as ViralSweep will help to promote your giveaway, and if everything is setup properly, you can gain a couple thousand targeted email subscribers who opted into updates.

Within just a month’s time of proper preparation, you can have 10,000+ people that you can directly inform of your launch, so that you will immediately start with some traction.


Make sure you spend a good amount of time making a professional looking email that will be blasted out to your subscribers. Upon launch, you will want the information to be clear and concise, letting people know that the campaign has begun, and that early orders will receive their product before anyone else. You can also use this opportunity to announce the winners of the giveaway you set up earlier.

Depending on your product, you will want to contact all relevant blogs and magazines that may be interested in what you are providing. If you have a tech product, there are thousands of tech blogs that are looking for news to post every single day. Have a beauty product? There are thousands of those as well. Spend some time searching on Google, go to the relevant website, and find the contact page. You can then email their main contact, but it is probably even smarter to find an individual you can directly message. Find an article that was written that is similar to what you want written on you and your company, and find out who the author is.  Try to locate the contact information for that individual if it is easy to find, otherwise you can try out some tricks. For Instance, I quickly found this article promoting a new company on

If you wanted to contact the author directly, TechCrunch makes this easy by providing his Twitter Handle, but it is not as easy to find an email contact for him. So I went ahead and searched “John Biggs email” on google and found this:

Here you can see his TechCrunch email listed in the second link, and a personal email address in the third.  Contacting him directly has an exponentially better success rate of getting an article written on your product than just to email the generic “info” email for the blog or newspaper in question.

Spend a full day or two when your product is first being launched on Kickstarter to contact as many of these bloggers and writers as possible.  This can turn into a snowball effect if you are able to get onto a few popular websites.   If you have a few samples of your product that you are able to giveaway, then it would also be smart to send them to a few popular review websites.


Now that you are a couple of days into your campaign, you have some money flowing in, and there a few articles written about you -you will want to leverage this growth as much as possible.  You now have more authority with a proven demand and multiple mentions on popular websites, so it should be much easier to get an influencer to talk about your company.

Find individuals who have a very large following on social media accounts, such as Instagram, that promote similar products to what you are selling.  There are women who review beauty products who have hundreds of thousands of followers.  The same is true for just about every topic you can think about.

You can normally contact these individuals easily on their social media profile, or they will list a contact email to get a hold of them for media requests. For this example, I just searched for “#BeautyProducts” and found the most popular current post:

You can then see how easy she makes it to get in contact with her. This is how the vast majority of Instagram influencer accounts will be.

The majority of these individuals will review and promote your product for free if you provide them with a sample – especially since they are getting their hands on something before the general public.  These people have authority in the industry you are trying to break into, as well as some of the most targeted potential customers you can hope for. They will almost always link to your social media accounts, as well as your Kickstarter campaign.

Make sure every time a blog is written on your company, as well as every time an influencer mentions you, you share this information with your own following. This will squash any worry that individuals may have when questioning whether or not they should buy your product and trust your organization.  You should eventually be able to add a banner on your website stating you were “Featured In” all of the relevant news organizations that you contacted.


If your kickstarter campaign lasts a month or longer, you will slowly loose demand over time. If you did everything you could, you will likely see rapid growth in funding your campaign for the first couple of weeks, but the last week it will surely die down. You want to prevent this as much as possible, and you should do a final push for sales during this time.

Send out one more email blast and social media update letting everyone know this is their last opportunity to buy. Make sure they know that this is the only way to receive their product before everyone else, and to mention that the price may go up as well.

Follow up with every influencer who reviewed or mentioned your product. Let them know that the campaign will end this week and that you were hoping they could let their followers know that this is their last opportunity to purchase. Even if it is only a tweet and not a full article, anything will help to get that final push of funding.If you have a product that people actually want, a realistic funding goal, and you follow all of the procedures listed above – you will be sure to have success in your crowdfunding efforts.

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